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13) Brent and Carolyn  Male
Kiwis living in Australia
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25/07/16-We were very fortunate to have Peggy as our guide who was very knowledgeable about the area and history(retired school teacher.) Peggy was enthusiastic and friendly, easy to chat with and we were blessed to see a mother bear and cub near the road way in Yukon. Thanks heaps Peggy.
12) Gina  Female
Liberty, KY
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We had a great day in Skagway with Dennis. He met us at the ship and made the day very enjoyable!
11) Bill  Male
Lions Head, Ontario, Canada
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016 14:04 Host: 206-132-51-116.eastlink.ca Write a comment

Excellent Tour. Excellent Value. Found it by just walking by and talking to Dennis. Our driver Peggy was terrific, good explanations, lots of opportunities to take pictures. Also recommend the Soapy Sam show, it's "soapy" but good fun. You get the tour right by the Soapy Sam theatre.

NEXUS card? The card will be accepted at the border (you cross into British Columbia and get a foot inside the Yukon.
Thanks Denis and Peggy for a very enjoyable tour.
10) opakynu  Male
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9) Sharon B.  Female
Abbotsford, BC
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In August, 2015 my husband and I went on a tour with Dennis. We had not organized this tour in advance and were just lucky enough to join in. Dennis had an excellent knowledge of the area and was able to give a personal touch to the tour. Remember to have your passports or other necessary ID along so that if you cross into Canada you can get back through the American border. We would highly recommend this tour.
8) Tonia Self  Female
Many, LA
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A wonderful tour!!! It was one of the best parts of our whole Alaska trip (cruise)! Thank so much for helping us make memories of a lifetime! Will definitely see you again if we ever visit Alaska again!
7) Louella Brown  Female
Florien La.
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smile smile This tour was the best part of our trip to Skagway and even the best part of the whole vacation to Alaska...Price was well worth the time he spent with us making sure we seen all the beautiful place in Skagway..We had 3 teenage girls with us and they asked many questions and ask to stop to take photos along they way and Dennis was happy to answer all questions and made many stops along the way..Thank you Mr Dennis for a great time...Hope to see you again !!
6) Lori Brown  Female
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Dennis helped to make our day in Skagway great!! My husband and I and 2 other couples arrived in Skagway on our cruise. After waiting for an hour for a tour that we had paid for 3 months prior (through GetYourGuide) we found out that company was out of business for almost 2 years. We were given Dennis' name and number, he called around to other tour companies, gave them my phone number to get us on a tour. Later that evening he called me back to make sure we were taken care of and went on the tour and to make sure everything turned out good for us. Thanks for all your help Dennis!!!
5) Tom Hansen  Male
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Our extended family stopped in Skagway on a cruise last July. Friends of ours had booked with Skagway Summit Tours in June with Dennis as the driver and highly recommended we ask specifically for Dennis when we booked. On our tour in July, Dennis was a great host/driver in every way: he was friendly and helpful all along the way; incredibly knowledgable; took extra time with things we most enjoyed and gave us great service all around. I highly recommend Dennis and Skagway Summit Tours!
4) Mandi Hatch 
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In July 2014 during an Alaskan family cruise we were booked on the train in Skagway, but it had broken down and we were stuck with nothing to do. Dennis to the rescue! WHAT a surprise- not sure that we would have had a better time on the train! He handled our large group with ease, answering all of our questions, peppering us with not only local stories and histories, but his own stories as well. As a transplant, the way he described his love for Alaska made us fall in love as well. Me and my husband's first choice of place to retire is Alaska- we have been bitten by the bug of our majestic northern most state. We cannot WAIT to get back in a few years, and will definitely be back to Skagway to look up Dennis! You'd be a fool not to take his tour.
3) elyse  Female
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The tour with Dennis was great. My husband and I enjoyed the tour immensely.Dennis is so knowledgeable. He stops and let you talk photos. He is so nice and it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with him. The best value on our Alaskan trip. Highly recommenced his tour.
2) Bill  Male
United States
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Dennis combines his knowledge of the Gold Rush history with his experience as a local resident to create an entertaining and interesting tour.
1) Anna  Female
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014 15:45 IP: Write a comment

Dennis gave a great tour of Skagway and the surrounding area! He was comprehensive and most importantly made it a very fun experience. I left with a good knowledge of the history of Skagway and the klondike gold rush.
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